• Microsoft Announces Preview of New Bing Search APIs
    [March 21, 2016] Microsoft announced a preview of its new Bing Search APIs, and invited developers to test them out. The APIs can be used to search across hundreds of billions of web pages, images, videos, and news results. They also provide autosuggest services, assistive services like spell check and adult intent signal, access to trending topics (including […]
  • Facebook Announces Parse Server Now Allows iOS and Android Push Notifications
    [February 16, 2016] Late last month, Facebook announced that it is shutting down Parse. They’ve since talked about hosting it on AWS and Heroku. Facebook announced last week that the Parse Server (the open source Parse backend) now allows iOS and Android push notifications, which have been one of the most requested features by developers. “After setup, you’ll […]
  • Guide to Mastering Your Heading Tags
    [January 20, 2016] Whether you are optimizing your website for search engines or your site visitors, heading tags are an important aspect of your on-page optimization strategy. The overall pull of heading tags in regards to search engines is up for debate, but very few SEOs believe they hold no value at all. While they may not be […]
  • Facebook Announces Launch of Improved Embedding Tools for Developers
    [December 15, 2015] Facebook announced the launch of improved embedding tools for developers including the Embedded Video Player API and oEmbed support. The company first introduced the interactive embedded video player earlier this year. This enables websites to embed Facebook videos, which have rapidly grown in popularity over the past year. The new API helps developers embed videos […]
  • Slack Expands As A Platform
    [November 13, 2015] Slack recently launched the Add to Slack Button enabling users to get alerts, reminders, and notifications in Slack from apps and sites that use the button. According to the company, this was just the first step in improving the Slack Platform. Enter new functionality for Slash Commands. These use the same button and are just […]
  • Pins Buttons Are Now Easier To Make Thanks To Pinterest’s Developer Site Update
    [October 8, 2015] Pinterest announced that it has updated its developer site to make it easier for people to build their own Pin It buttons. There’s a simple widget builder that lets you create buttons/widgets to add to your site or app. You can quickly grab code for the Pin It Button, the Follow Button, the Board Widget, […]
  • Google Is Phasing Out CSV Download Scripts
    [September 1, 2015] Earlier this month, Google announced the Search Analytics API to make the data from the Search Analytics feature in Google Search Console accessible for developers. The company said it wanted to help people bake search performance data into their apps and tools.
  • Weekly Infographic: SEO Checklist for WordPress Websites!
    [July 30, 2015] WordPress is a content management platform that today powers more than 60 million websites. Setting SEO trends with mobile-responsive themes, it is a responsive platform that offers seamless user experience and promotes social interactions. Here is a useful infographic by .ME on SEO checklist for WordPress powered websites.
  • Google Container Engine Beta Is Now Available
    [June 26, 2015] Google announced the beta release of Google Container Engine and the general availability of Google Container Registry. Container Engine enables you to run Docker containers on Google Cloud Platform, powered by Kubernetes. Container Engine schedules containers based on the needs you’ve declared on a cluster of virtual machines.
  • Android Developers Get Some Help For Their Monetization Needs
    [June 2, 2015] Google made a plethora of announcements at Google I/O on Thursday. These include a bunch of new things to help mobile app developers better measure, promote and monetize their apps. Let’s run through these.
  • Developers Can Bring Pins To Life With New Pinterest Dev Tools
    [May 11, 2015] Pinterest just announced the launch of the Developers Platform, a suite of APIs for building apps and integrations that “bring pins to life,” as the company puts it. “This is the first time we’re opening up API access for the development of consumer apps,” a spokesperson for Pinterest told WebProNews in an email. “We’re starting […]
  • No New Panda or Penguin Updates Since 2014
    [April 13, 2015] There have been no confirmed updates or data refreshes for both the Panda and Penguin algorithms since 2014. Yesterday in a Google Hangout, it was addressed that the algorithms are not updating regularly, and that someone at Google has to push them out manually.
  • Google’s Mobile Friendly Algorithm Will Be Bigger Than Panda Or Penguin!
    [March 20, 2015] Google’s Zineb Ait Bahajji, Webmaster Trends Analyst, said at SMX Munich that themobile friendly algorithm, that is catching everyone’s attention, will have a much bigger effect than that of Panda or Penguin.
  • Links Still Matter. Don’t Let Anyone Tell You Otherwise.
    [February 25, 2015] There is a common misconception that links don’t matter in today’s algorithms. And while that may be true of one of the not-so-major search engines, it certainly isn’t true of the big two where links still matter: Google and Bing.
  • Technical Mobile Best Practices for SEO and Usability
    [January 26, 2015] Digital marketing consultants view analytics data from many websites in various industries. It is rare that we don’t see at least 30% of all traffic coming from mobile devices, and usually it’s closer to 50%. Some Marketing Directors have realized the opportunity of improving conversion rates for half of their visitors with easy wins like customized mobile messaging.
  • Facebook Reveals Crash Reporting and Local Datastore for iOS Parse
    [December 10, 2014] Facebook announced Crash Reporting and Local Datastore for iOS for Parse. The former lets you register, track, and resolve crashes in your apps.
  • Facebook Parse Announces Crash Reporting and Local Datastore for iOS
    [December 10, 2014] Facebook announced Crash Reporting and Local Datastore for iOS for Parse. The former lets you register, track, and resolve crashes in your apps.
  • Firefox Developer Edition Is Now Available
    [November 11, 2014] Earlier this month, Mozilla teased an upcoming version of Firefox specifically for developers. It’s now released Firefox Developer Edition.
  • New Mobile App Analytics Comes To Adobe Suite
    [October 20, 2014] Adobe announced a new mobile app analytics offering called Adobe Analytics – Mobile Apps, which is obviously aimed at helping marketers and developers measure the effectiveness of apps, and get a better idea of how people are using them on different devices.
  • New Mobile App Analytics Coming To Adobe Suite
    [October 13, 2014] Adobe announced a new mobile app analytics offering called Adobe Analytics – Mobile Apps, which is obviously aimed at helping marketers and developers measure the effectiveness of apps, and get a better idea of how people are using them on different devices.
  • Audience Features For Apps Comes To Google Analytics
    [September 22, 2014] Google announced that its Audience Demographics and Interests Reporting and Remarketing features are now available for apps in Google Analytics. The Audience Demographics and Interests Reporting feature will enable developers to see how different user segments engage and monetize.
  • Apple Provides Transparency For Reasons Behind App Rejections
    [September 8, 2014] Apple is now providing the most transparency it ever has when it comes to informing developers why it rejects their apps. While it could certainly be a great deal more transparent, the company has a new webpage up for “Common App Rejections,” which not only describes common reasons for rejection, but lists the top ten […]
  • Moving to HTTPS for Better Search Engine Rankings
    [August 13, 2014] Due to Google’s recent official announcement that an https site is a search engine ranking factor, I’ve decided to move my site, BillHartzer.com, to https from http. Currently, I do not accept any sort of payment for the content that I write here on my site, so that’s not the reason I’m moving the site […]
  • Amazon Sees Large Amount of Developer Interest With Fire Phone Release
    [July 28, 2014] Amazon’s new Fire phone will see its release on Friday, and the company is taking the opportunity to talk about the developer “excitement” related to the platform and features that are unique to the device.
  • Bing Knowledge Widget Can Now Be Integrated Directly Onto Websites
    [July 3, 2014] Bing announced, it has added Bing Knowledge Widget feature directly into Bing Webmaster Tools. Also, a new type called “Interactive only” has been added which will only work when a user highlights content on the page. The Knowledge Widget is a JavaScript-based widget for webmasters that helps in detecting and visualizing entities on the webpage. […]