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Google released the reports that show the effect of +1 buttons to the website.

It mainly has 3 types of reports:

The Search Impact Report shows the affect of +1 on organic search traffic.

The Activity Report shows the number of times the website pages have been given a +1(on the website as well as other pages).

The Audience Report provides the geographic and demographic information about the Google users who have given a +1 to your website.

Not only this, you can also find out how your website content is being shared, using +1 and other buttons.

  • The Social Engagement Report concentrates on the visitor’s behaviour.
  • The Social Actions Report helps you track down the number of +1, Tweets etc, taking place on the website.
  • The Social Pages report helps you find out the pages which are receiving the highest number of social actions.

Google will automatically enable Social Plugging Tracking, if +1 buttons have been added to your website (and also if you are using the latest Google Analytics Tracking code – default version).

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