‘Megasitelinks’ Announced By Google As A Part Of Search Quality Improvements

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Google has made quite a few improvements to search in the month of December 2011, and they brought out a latest monthly recap about these search tweaks. The most interesting takeaway of the entire line up of 30 odd improvements is the project codenamed “Megasitelinks,” by Google.

This is an algorithmic improvement for choosing sitelinks, and that too localized sitelinks being chosen by the search engine. This is what Google says about it, “We improved our algorithm for picking sitelinks. The result is more relevant sitelinks; for example, we may show sitelinks specific to your metropolitan region, which you can control with your location setting. “

It seems that sitelinks is one thing Google has been working on for some time. Sitelinks now include Google+ data along with showing up on home pages and inner pages.

Google has also improved image search too. As Google is quoted,This is an improvement that analyzes various landing page signals for Image Search. We want to make sure that not only are we showing you the most relevant images, but we are also linking to the highest quality source pages.

Now the Google algorithm searches for relevant as well as linked to quality source pages. Also Google has put in action its spam detection algorithm from its main search results page too. Now users will get to see the most relevant images.

As per the improvements list, Google has bettered the byline dates and made them more accurate. This improvement is codenamed “foby” and the algorithm has been improved to better determine the date to associate with a document. Now more accurate dates will accompany search results.

Other improvements include making country-restricted search results more accurate, better ?soft 404′ detection. Now Google will know better when sites have been set up to send inaccurate code to Google’s spiders. The query wording has also been improved.

Have you experienced these changes? Please share your view.


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